5 Tips on Proper Clothing Fit for Skinny Guys

5 Tips on Proper Clothing Fit for Skinny Guys

No matter what the situation, it’s difficult to get around the fact that some people just aren’t built like athletes and movie stars. Indeed, men who are on the skinny end of the spectrum often find it difficult to make certain items of clothing fit correctly. This can be incredibly frustrating; especially for men who are interested in fashion. That said, there are plenty of ways for skinny guys to dress in a way that is flattering and attractive without having to put forth an overbearing amount of effort. The following are five essential fashion tips for skinny men, all of which are worth concentrating on when putting an outfit together in the morning.

Get Your Blazers Tailored
The blazer is an important clothing item that just about any guy can make work for them with the right amount of effort. That said, skinny men should always get their blazers tailored in order to ensure a sufficient fit. After all, there’s nothing more unattractive than a loose-fitting, baggy blazer on a stick-thin guy. When choosing a blazer to wear, stick to those which are either single or double-breasted, avoiding those which have any more shoulder padding than is absolutely necessary.

Embrace the Sweater
For whatever reason, sweaters tend to look really good on skinny men; especially when they are fitted correctly. As a result, you may want to explore wearing sweaters throughout the cooler months of the year, even if you aren’t used to doing so. V-neck sweaters look great on skinny guys, as the shape of the neck compliments a skinny frame in a way that few other clothing items do. You can also get away with wearing a turtleneck sweater, which look much better on skinny men than they do even on men with a moderate build.

Stick to Flat-Front Pants
The pants that you choose can have a huge influence on your overall appearance, and never has this been more true than in the case of skinny individuals. Flat-front pants are preferable for skinny men on account of the fact that they add more volume to a person’s head-on appearance. Boot-cut and straight-legged jeans are ideal, as are neutral corduroys. You can add even more volume to your appearance by wearing pants that feature a few noticeable pockets; cargo pants come to mind, and can be far more versatile than most people think.

Choose Jackets of the Correct Length
Jacket length is more important for skinny guys to consider than anyone else. A jacket that is too long, for example, will cause you to look a folded-up umbrella, while jackets that are too short can easily emphasize your height and make you look even skinnier than you already are. Choose a jacket that comes to approximately one inch below your waste for best results, and be sure to avoid those which are baggy and might look like they swim on you.

Approach Fit with Consistency
One of the most common mistakes that skinny men make when putting together an outfit is not taking the time to ensure that each element is properly fitted for their body. There are plenty of celebrities that fall prey to this fashion faux pas (Asher Roth, anyone?), which almost results in a terribly ugly ensemble. Avoid wearing a loose-fitting sweater, for example, if you plan on wearing fitted pants. For best results, always wear clothing that is specifically fitted for your build.

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